Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Install Signed APK file to device- offline mode

Install the device drivers. You can get the device drivers from the device's website.
Once it is installed, perform the following steps:

On Device:

Drag down the “notification bar”.
Click the “USB connected” notification.

This warning may or may not occur.
On PC:

Create Folder “Android APK” (or whatever you want to name it.)
Copy the given APK in this folder.
Close this window.

On device:
Turn off the USB storage mode.

Open the file browser. The default location will be “mnt/sdcard”, if not, navigate to this location and open the folder you just made.

Open the file and click “Install”. If it is already present, it will ask to re-Install/Overwrite the current APK. You may un-install the previous version from Menu-> Settings->Apps-> <Your application name>-> Uninstall.

Once it is done, you can either click on “Done” then navigate back to main menu screen and select the application you just installed from the "Installed Apps" screen (Menu) OR click “Open” and open the application directly.

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